About the Lindsey O’Brien Band

With an edge of daring and a tinge of heartbreak, LOB’s singular brand of soulful, rock & roll has been a staple of the Colorado music scene since 2002. Their sound unites the drive of rock, the depth of folk, and the groove of soul—and throws in the get-up-and-dance of funk, a touch of jazz sophistication, and just enough pop to party to. It’s a full, layered sound that achieves no small feat: crowds both want to shout along and hear every word close—which is why they keep coming back for more. You couldn’t ask for more from a front woman—O’Brien has remarkable emotional and musical range, powerhouse vocals, and undeniable magnetism. Her voice easily brings crowds to their feet, but also has a singular lilt that gives the music a depth beyond its dance-ability. Scene Magazine describes O’Brien’s style as “sweet but not sugary… there’s a piquant, bluesy undertone in her voice….” Arrangements range from rowdy to slow burn, blending the attitude of O’Brien’s native Chicago with compelling emotional authenticity.

Upcoming Shows
07.27.19 Private Party w/ The Reserve
07.28.19 The Reserve at Preservation
08.10.19 The Frizz at Highway Life Music Festival
08.10.19 The Reserve at Aurelio’s Geneva
08.18.19 Majors Junction at Foxmillvinia
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